Flat Top Grill

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Great for vegetarians as well as vegans, and meat eaters will be happy here also. Great variety of yum-o-licious mock meats and vegetables. Excellent variety of sauces.

Here's the protocol: the hostess seats you then you're greeted by your waitress. Place your drink order then you write your name on the little wooden stick at your table. Take the stick up to the food bar with you and grab a bowl. Go down the line adding rice, noodles, mock meats, veggies, nuts, sauces, whatever you like. At the end of the line, there is a stick for "food allergies" - add that stick to your bowl to have it grilled on the veg-only grill. Also, if you like roti bread, add the "roti bread" stick and they'll put one in your bowl. For some reason they do not have tofu on the main buffet, instead you put a "tofu stick" in your bowl and the chef will add the tofu. Put your wooden stick in the bowl so they know what table to deliver it to once it's grilled.

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Flattop chain= not bad. Pretty good actually. Waiter being rude on top of spilling water all over you on top of pouring water from your cup back into the pitcher of water because of slightly over pouring on top of forgetting to add the tofu to the bowl and manager trying to correct it by serving us COLD FLAVORLESS tofu on top of forgetting the bread on top of being noticeably frustrated when sending him back with the bill to add student discounts= Wauwatosa flattop you suck. the end. No apologies from the manager or the server. He's lucky he got an 8% tip. I've been to a Flattop in Madison and have had a much better experience as well as in Chicago.

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I've been here twice now (once with a large vegan group) and the food is great. I love the "build your own" idea because it allows for a lot of variety. They have special student prices and you can make your food unlimited for a dollar more. It's great that they have more than one veggie meat option, and that you can add flat bread (which is vegan and amazing), lettuce wraps, tofu, etc for no extra charge. If you add the white marker stick ("allergy aware" or something) they'll cook your food in a separate pan.

BIG PROBLEM: both times I went here, some of the veggie meats were labeled incorrectly. They had one of the non-vegan veggie meats (Quorn brand, I think) in the spot that was labeled for one of the vegan ones. Luckily I recognized it. When I asked an employee to double check for me, she didn't know what I was asking and only went to ask the kitchen staff when I specifically asked her to. Though other servers were more knowledgeable, mislabeling could be a huge problem for vegans who are more trusting than I am.

Overall great food and relaxed atmosphere. I would have given it a perfect rating except for the mislabeling.

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YUUUUUUUUUM! I disagree that this is a romantic restaurant but it definitely has great food and wouldn't be a bad place to bring a date. A friend and I went for the lunch buffet and it was really slow around 2pm (it is probably busy a little earlier). We went with the $8 lunch bowl and I paid an extra $1.50 to make mine an unlimited refill, although I could barely finish my 2nd bowl.

The restaurant's website has a fabulous vegetarian/vegan ingredient section and even points out that some dressings contain honey but no other animal ingredients. Very cool that they recognize vegans don't eat honey. I told the server I was vegan so she brought out a laminated allergy/ingredient list to help me figure out what I could eat on the buffet. The buffet itself does a pretty good job of listing ingredients, for instance, a lot of the sauces indicate if they have fish sauce, peanuts, or wheat.

I tried a few proteins (seitan, tofu, BBQ tempeh and "curry pakora") and liked them all. The BBQ tempeh was by far my favorite, as it had a fabulous texture, and it tasted more like a fake meat than a tempeh. The curry pakora was very similar to the BBQ tempeh so I have no idea why it's called curry pakora.

The best part of the buffet is that they have tiny little paper cups so you can sample a veggie, protein, or sauce before committing to a big bowl. My favorite combo was a sort of Asian combo using BBQ tempeh, veggies, wheat noodles (although rice noodles and rice were available), and lemongrass, hoison, and hot sauces.

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Really good asian stir fry tons of well labeled vegan items in the buffet bar for you to mix up your own bowl. They even have a special stick for your food dish if you want your vegan dinner cooked separately from the meat eaters. It was super busy when we went on a Saturday night and service was very slow... even though it's buffet style to make your food you have to wait for the cooks and waitstaff to bring it out to you. Students get a $2 discount with ID.

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