Himalayan Restaurant & Bar

Northern Chicagoland, Illinois


rating star

We stopped in based on Yelp! reviews, the food was delicious, fresh and good and spicy. What can I say about the naan? I could live on that alone. They have a weekday lunch buffet, I would love to try that, so I can taste a little of everything. The Chana Masala is my favorite, it's wonderfully spiced and the chickpeas are so tender! We also had the Paneer Makhani, which isn't vegan, but is absolutely delicious.
The menu is easy for newbies to Indian food to understand, and it is very clear which dishes are vegetarian. The server also asks how spicy you want your dish. If you're new to Indian food, I don't recommend going any hotter than 'medium'.
Ask about their Indian beers!

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