Hulu House Vegetarian Restaurant

San Francisco, California


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Mog and I have been going to vege restaurants on my list from this Website. I chose the ones that sound like they don't use onion and garlic. Got to Hulu house, looks like they changed their name to Enjoy Vegetarian. Sounds better. No sign of Onion and garlic yahoo. We have been comparing the spring rolls on our Food Crawl and these ones are pretty good. I think SR's should be smaller and eaten with lettuce leaves.
We also had wonton soup, medicine soup, braised tofu with Gailan, Kung Pao Chicken, sweet pea leaves with ginger and for desert 3 bean crystal balls. We took the leftovers home and a box of the green tea bean crystal balls. We agree its our favourite so far.

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This was really good stuff. My favorite was the turmeric curry chicken rice. The curry sauce was quite tasty. The dumplings were also really good, as was the steamed chicken rice rolls, which is made of rice flour wrappers around mock chicken. The fried tofu skin was a bit boring, as it was just tofu skin without much additional flavor.

The prices are quite reasonable. We ate here with four people and got a sizable amount of food for $47 with tax and tip.

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Highlights are "Nasi Lemak" (malaysian style spicy rice) and Turmeric Rice. Both dishes are only available on the weekend.

We recommend that you order them before you go, otherwise be very early! We were the first customers one morning a few Saturdays ago and they only had 4 nasi lemaks left - they said the rest had been reserved.

The nasi lemak is great and we were quite surprised to find such authenticity half way round the world from M'sia!

Parking in the evenings is a problem. It's in a residential area and everyone is home at that time, with their cars parked outside.

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I haven't tried all the dishes, but the signature dish -- laksa -- is really good: rice noodles in a "chili-infused" coconut soup with about 10 different permutations of soy: fried, skin, sausage, ??? It's delicious and worth a visit. Weekday lunches are cheaper, but weekends and holidays are not expensive. I've had some other dishes -- soy "meats" -- that were also really good.

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i am a singaporean. and went to hulu house one holiday.i personally love the mild spicy laksa. cooked with all vegetarian stuff, it brings out the taste of coconut milk. yup.. a restaurant that makes ur money worthwhile...NICE!! :)

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