Golden Temple

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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I remember being really excited to go here and then when I got here being underwhelmed. I went for the tempeh, peanut & vegetable salad that was just ok; the dressing was thin and didn't coat the veggies very well, and it was a whole lot of raw cabbage. My partner got the "Flavors of India" dish, which was pretty good but there is definitely better Indian food out there.

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I was lured here several years ago by the fact that it is non-smoking (Update: since July 2008, all restaurants in the Netherlands are non-smoking, but the visit this review is based on took place in the late 1990s). Perhaps it has improved in the last few years, but at the time that I ate there I found the food rather bland.

In general I prefer vegetarian food which is vegetarian by design, rather than food designed around a meatless substitute, so I was quite disappointed that these dishes had less flavour than the same dish typically has at a resturant which doesn't specialize in vegetarian food.

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The lunchtime staff at Golden Temple was friendlier than anywhere I've found in Amsterdam. They knew exactly what vegan (veganistisch) meant and said which dishes were, or could be made, vegan.

They were out of tofu so I went for the "Chef Surprise", basically a thali, which that week included rice, a mung bean and spinach curry, a potato curry, some carrot-ginger soup, a chapathi, and a big cup of hummus for €11. It could have been spicier, but was still quite good and I enjoyed the variety.

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