De Vliegende Schotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands


rating star

Before and since visiting, I've read very positive things about Vliegende Schotel. I was exceedingly disappointed. By now I'm used to service in restaurants being a bit slower than in the US, and have learned to set aside a few hours for a restaurant meal...but this place is ridiculous. We waited two hours for our entree to arrive, and when we did get it I received the wrong dish. (a tofu kebab instead of the seitan dish I'd ordered) After that kind of a wait, though, I was disinclined to ask for a new meal.

The evening began well enough with a delicious lentil soup alongside tasty drinks (house wine and a local beer). Their cat was friendly and sat on my lap a bit between walking over the tables, which I didn't mind but allergic, etc. diners might want to avoid.

The Vliegende Schotel isn't actually a vegetarian restaurant; some dishes contain aquatic animals. This itself didn't bother me that much except that I couldn't choke down my tofu-veggie kabob because I was convinced from the taste that it had been grilled on the same surface. The dish came with a typically mediocre dutch side salad and, if I recall, some other sort of vegetable side. I couldn't eat most of it, it just wasn't good. They do get 3 points for the tasty soup and the friendly neighborhood hangout atmosphere. We didn't stick around for dessert (although I don't recall seeing much of vegan interest), choosing instead to pick up takeout desserts at another local veg restaurant (De Bolhoed). Should've gone there instead in the first place.

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