La Panella Bakery

Melbourne, Australia


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GO THERE. JUST GO THERE! Seriously, the vegan range is great. And if you, like most of us, used to be non-veg*n, you will absolutely LOVE the vegan 'meat' pies. I can't tell the difference. You can buy em hot, or frozen for later. I served them up at a grand final party once, and there were no complaints from the omnivores. But who cares about them, we vegan's LOVE these pies!!!

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What a fantastic discovery this bakery is! Your classic old school bakery with fresh bread and baked goods at very reasonable prices. All breads are vegan and the baked goods that are vegan are clearly marked with a sign. Be warned - the sweet options are extensive and it's impossible to decide on just one treat but for the price you can afford to splurge a little.

They sell vegan meat pies and sausage rolls hot and ready to go and at a great price - can you even get a icky non-vegan murdered meat pie for $2 these days? Even if you can I doubt it's as delicious as La Panella's!

I walked out of the bakery with a pie, sausage roll and a bag bursting with one of each of the vegan sweet options (donuts, slices, scrolls, etc) to share with friends. All for under $15.

Make sure to check this place out - delicious, vegan and you need another reason? :) Hop on a tram now!

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La Panella Bakery is one the most incredible places a vego/vegan could hope to find. It looks like any other grubby Preston bakery from the outside, but has the most incredible assortment of fresh vegan bakery goods. The vegan 'meat pies' and sausage rolls are delicious and I think half the people that buy them don't even realise they are vegan. The prices are also really cheap - i think pies are about $2 each. You can also buy vegan jam donuts, vegan jam tarts, vegan apple slices and scrolls that taste no different to their non-vegan counterparts. All the bread and bread rolls etc are vegan too. Well worth the visit!

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