Lord of the Fries

Melbourne, Australia


rating star

The food here is always delicious without fail. The only issue i've ever had is on the odd occasion instead of getting a vegan burger as requested, i've received the standard vego one. However this hasn't really ever been that much of a big deal because if you let them know their mistake it's fixed in no time.

The staff are the nicest and the friendliest of the entire LOTF chains. (I've been to them all.) I think the store is the best of the lot too. Instead of having to take your food somewhere to eat it, you can sit here in comfort and dine in, plus the vibes more relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.

I've been going to this store regularly (at least once a week) since it opened and in the beginning it was always empty.... maybe people were scared of the whole 'veg' thing but just over a year later, most times i go i struggle to find my favourite spot! (2nd table from the back) .... It seems like people have finally cottoned on that LOTF is the better then that McDonalds and KFC crap located next to it!

Lord of the fries, lord of the burgers, lord of the nuggets, lord of the onion rings, lord of the quality sauces and lord of the taste, could all be used to describe this place.

Don't be scared to try the Jarritos or Pheonix Organic Cola!

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