The Burger Bar

Las Vegas, Nevada


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I have to agree with the other reviewer, the veggie burger is not vegan. I found overall the place except the beer to be a let-down. I'm headed to Las Vagas again this week and hope to find better options.

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I ate there October 30, 2010. The menu had a Vegas Vegan, or Vegan Vegas... basically an eggplant, pepper and onion concoction with two portobello mushroom caps as the bun. It was pretty tasty, kind of greasy though. They advertise a veggie burger, but the patty is held together with cheese, which kind of bummed me out because it looked good otherwise. The Vegas Vegan came with fries which were cooked in vegetable oil. There is a huge selection of beer. Be sure to check out Lush right across from the Burger Bar, they sell bath and body products, many of them are Vegan.

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