Detroit, Michigan


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We've been visiting NeeHee's since shortly after they opened. We've tried pretty much everything on the menu and haven't had a bad meal. There are things we've liked better than others, but everything is outstanding. The owners and all of the staff are very friendly and very helpful if you've never been to an Indian restaurant before and don't know what to order. Sadly, we recently moved and are now roughly 50 miles away from NeeHee's, but we still plan to visit at least once every couple of months. It is that good! In addition to being entirely vegetarian, they also have many vegan menu items. Try the samosa - you will not be disappointed! The Chole Bhatura is outstanding, too! And if you aren't vegan, their ice cream is amazing! They have many flavors that are unusual for the U.S. but they all work perfectly! We love NeeHee's! Very, very happy customers!

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