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I am not a vegetarian but I found the food at this restaurant to be outstanding. Superb hummus -- perfectly balanced taste -- in great hummus, the chickpea, tahini, lemon juice and garlic meld together just so and create a unique flavor in which no single ingredient stands out. They've got it down here. Could be the best hummus I've ever had (which is saying alot).

Perfectly cooked rice (so many places have problems with this). Simple interior -- worn, minimal decor but clean. Very reasonable prices. Why aren't there more restaurants like this in the world? I guess not enough people go to these kind of places. Too bad. The place deserves a following.

rating star

My favorite hummus/ falafel/ baba ghanouj/ dolmas serving spot in the US so far. I like that this place has a large menu selection, great price/ value and even better tasting food. Despite its location, I was pleasantly surprised to have the option to dine-in coupled with prompt and personable service.

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