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When this place first opened up in 2009 I wanted to support it and went quite often even though I though it was overpriced. But then I ate the collard green wrap and got food poisoning. It was horrible! I never went back again.

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If you shop at the big Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, you're probably already familiar with RAW. Walking into the French Market, I was delighted when I saw the familiar bright pink and green labels and realized it was one and the same. I'd eaten so many of her dishes before, having bought them at WF's. I was glad to have finally discovered the mothership! She carries so much more at this location than they have at Whole Foods.

I found it very expensive, but portions are big and I am happy to pay for quality. I actually wish she would offer items in smaller portions with correspsonding smaller price tags. That would make this place more accessible to me and I could eat here more often.

If you're driving and want to do a quick pop-in, as you are driving on Washington, just past Clinton there is a row of free 15 min parking spots on your left (leave hazzards on). If you are there for 16 mins, you will be ticketed so u have to be quick!

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I was amazed at the incredibly large number of free samples, and the generous portion size of these free samples. On just 2 visits, I think that I have tried almost every entree and sandwich that this restaurant vendor offers. Everything that I have tried was unbelievably good and hard to believe that it was vegetarian, much less vegan! It isn't inexpensive, but like so many things, you get what you pay for. In this case, you get quality, fresh, healthy foods not huge portions. The lasagna is probably my favorite, but pizza, spaghetti & meatballs-vegan, felafel sandwich and salmon pate are all excellent as well. The entrees are all good-sized dinner portions which are about $10 and the sandwich platters run about $8. I would highly recommend, especially if you are looking for something healthy and good tasting.

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One of the worst experiences I have ever had! The food had very small portions and when I questioned the size for what I just paid, I was laughed at and asked to step aside. When I asked to speak to the Manager I was told there isn't one just himself and the owner (Polly) and her partner. When that was also tossed away he told me "she makes $900,000 a year and doesn't have to worry about portion sizes and cost". I urge you not to go to this vendor if only for their lack of professionalism and need to belittle there clients.


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The French Market in Ogilvie Transportation Center is pretty cool and has some vegan-friendly options, especially at RAW, a raw food vendor.

They offer a variety of salads, sandwiches, smoothies, entrees, and desserts.

I had a lemon bar ($7.81 with tax) and it was delicious and refreshing. It didn't taste particularly "raw" which is a good thing, in my opinion.

My only gripe with RAW, and it's a major one, is the prices. The desserts are all small and extremely expensive. $7 for a lemon bar is a full meal at another vendor 10 feet away. When I was there, most of the desserts were $7+, such as the chocolate mousse ($8) which consisted of only a tiny cup. The cheapest option was a small 2-inch cookie for $4, which is absurdly expensive.

Similarly, almost all of the sandwiches and salads are over $9, with some as high as $12 and $14.

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that the average Ogilvie train commuter isn't interested in paying $12 for a tiny raw salad, packaged in shiny black plastic containers, for the ride home.

I understand that raw food is generally expensive, but food at these prices will scare off customers, especially those at Ogilvie, who are average-joes happy with the Dunkin' Donuts and Taco Bell upstairs.

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