Greens Restaurant

San Francisco, California


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I love Greens even though it isn't vegan friendly, which is a shame for such a vegetarian icon. My husband and I always take out-of-town guest there, and also go for birthdays and other special occasions. The view cannot be beat, and the food is fab if one is willing to go lacto-ovo or put up with the few vegan options. (Although they say they will make items vegan, I have not had much luck with them actually being willing to do it, even with advance notice.)

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not a great place to spend a lot as a vegan, better to go to millennium. however, the atmosphere is beautiful. very good place if you are not vegan.

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there's really nothing to write home about here. you're better off taking your cash somewhere else.

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Yeah, the standard of the food is good, and the waiting staff are great, but as a vegan, I was pretty disappointed with this place. There was only one vegan starter and one main course, plus one more of each 'if we missed out the cheese'. Also, no one there had a clue which wines were vegan, and I suspect they hadn't even checked whether they were vegetarian.

However, I must say that the poached pear with chocolate mousse was exceptional. Still, I'll be sticking to Golden Era and Lucky Creation in future.

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I love the food at Greens. It can be pricey, so it's a place I often go to when my folks take me or on a special occasion. The food is delicious: fresh salads, interesting and fabulous chili with creme fraiche, cheese (if you want it) and fabulous decaf chai tea. I love the atmosphere with beautiful wood rafters, overlooking the bay, and, on a clear day, the golden gate bridge. The "Greens to go" menu is delightful and much cheaper. You can get take out food and then, if the restaurant is not officially open for service, then you can sit at one of the tables with your take out food, thus, cutting the price dramatically, while still getting the beautiful view! I especially adore the tofu sandwich with wasabi. Yum!!! Go check out this fabulous restaurant. It's wonderful. Oh and check out to make reservations!

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They are 25 years old. The view is exceptional on a clear day. You see the yachts bobbing on the water, framed by the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you eat nothing but the appetizers, you will be amazed. They had a gorgeous heirloom tomato salad and corn chowder (vegan if they left out the creme fraiche). Those were 10s. The bread, from Acme, was impeccable. The butter was amazingly sweet. Also, I greatly enjoyed their herbal tea.

Unfortunately, the rest of the meal was not as great. The entrees were on the bland side. Vegetable brochettes with pumkpkin basmati rice was pleasant, but nothing special (a Vegan item). The spinach fettucine (egg based) was surprisingly bland. I am very salt averse, and enjoy delicate flavors, but I badly wanted salt in this case.

Dessert was a disaster. I had a chocolate pavlova. The meringue tasted of RAW egg whites, and was drowned in a sickeningly sweet pool of raspberry sauce. Inedible except for the chocolate sorbet.

(For Minnesotans, this is what Good Earth in Roseville/Eden Prairie tries to be, and falls far short)

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