D.C. Vegetarian

Portland, Oregon


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Best vegan bacon cheeseburger ever. Hands down the most 'realistic' burger out there (if you're into that type of stuff).

I even got some of their seitan from Food Fight. Deeelish. Thick, juicy, seasoned just right.

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This is simple American foods vegetarian cart downtown. I got a bacon cheeseburger with avocado and vegan cheese ($8), along with a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie ($2). I also had a peanut butter cup ($1.50).

The burger was okay. They were kind enough to put it in between toasted wheat bread (otherwise it comes with a white bun, which I hate) for me. I thought it tasted kind of bland, but I liked that their burger was pretty solid texture-wise (it's made with vital wheat gluten).

The cookie was run-of-the-mill (it's made by Monkey Wrench, an outside baker), but the peanut butter cup was really great, as it was topped with chocolate and almonds.

I think DC Vegetarian would be better if they had a soy marinade sandwich with seitan, or maybe a seitan and mushroom burrito. Or some kind of Indian curry burger/wrap with tofu or seitan.

In any case, it's good that they're downtown, which doesn't have enough vegan options, but I think there's room for improvement at this cart.

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the vegan chicken salad sandwich was huge and is a must-get! so tasty-perfectly seasoned. the vegan bacon cheezburger my boyfriend had was also very good-both were super tasty!!

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