Love Tree Cafe

Saint Augustine, Florida
6 Cordova St
St Augustine, Florida 32084


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Vegan friendly restaurant in an antique store

Located in the historic district, it is named for the palm tree that grows out of the center of an oak tree. The cafe is located inside of an antique store in a historic home. Located next to the old drug store.

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We walked in with 2 other people we didn't know. When we stepped inside, the cook and what appeared to be his mother were sitting at one of the 3 plastic tables with plastic chairs (a total of 6 people would be able to dine inside)
The first question he asked was "What do YOU want"? The older gentleman replied that he wanted lunch. The apparent cook then replied, "What kind of food?" (keep in mind that they had a menu outside that we had previously reviewed)
We decided that maybe we had caught him off guard, and that the experience would improve. We were incorrect.
My husband and I sat at one of the tables, (ours was covered with an Elvis fabric of unknown age) while they were preparing our meal they began to LOUDLY discuss their personal business in the adjacent room. We then decided to look around at their "antiques and collectibles" the Mother followed us about peaking around corners to make sure we did not steal any of their treasures. All of which appeared to be yard sale cast offs (imagine Sanford and Son open a dinner)
The food was ok, with the exception of the chips that looked as if they had been pulled from various bags in the kitchen, and the prices were reasonable. However decent food and prices do not make up for the rude, and quite honestly hostile behavior of the employees, nor does it make up for the fact that you feel as if you are eating in a pack-rats basement. Oh and don't forget that the outside seating overlooks a not to scenic cemetery.
If I had the option to rate this place in the negative I would. The entire experience was negative, and we honestly felt as if we were unwelcome to the point that I was concerned about the safety of the food. I was happy to leave and worried for the older couple that stayed to finish their meals.

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Next to the old drug store in the historic district. On all the trolley stops.


Wheelchair Accessible


$ - inexpensive



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