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I stopped in for pizza while visiting DC this weekend....twice! Both times, I got the personal pan pizza with vegan cheese, which was $7. DEAL! Some places charge way more and give way less cheese so I found Duccini's to be tasty and generous. Once I had the plain cheese and another time I had the cheese with olives. Both were good and the crust was fantastic but I think I'll healthy it up a bit by adding broccoli next time. The staff was friendly, the pizza came out in 10 minutes both times, and I love that they're open late!

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I love Duccini's and go frequently to get vegan pizza. The Daiya cheese is worth the stop, and the toppings are pretty good too (my favorites are spinach, black olives, and tomatoes). I only wish they offered artichokes and soysage -- still, the pizza is delish!

p.s. - I disagree with the description that this is large-group friendly. There are only a few seats inside; it's primarily a take-out restaurant.

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