Sawatdee Bar & Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Apr 1 10

118 N. 4th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401


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Warehouse district version of the local chain

Sawatdee is one of the Twin Cities' most popular Thai restaurants.

If you're looking to order food veg, make sure you let your server know. They do use fish sauce in quite a few of their recipes, but will prepare them without when asked.

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I've been going to this Sawatdee and the old Sawatdee in Uptown for quite some time as a vegetarian (now vegan). I found out after eating the VEGETARIAN pad thai that it contains fish sauce. I've had that dish so many times and I can't begin to say how violated I feel. That's SO disgusting.

I confirmed with Supenn, the owner, and she replied in an e-mail:

"Questions arise with Oyster sauce/fish sauce and whether a particular vegetarian wants to eat these items. Most items do not have fish sauce (only a couple of salads and they can be ordered "no fish sauce"). Oyster sauce is a main brown flavoring sauce and is in lots of stirfry dishes. Both of these sauces can be special ordered "no oyster sauce or no fish sauce", but we cannot guarantee how tasty the food will be when cooked with only soy sauce. Most curries have shrimp paste and are water-based; soups, generally have chicken broth. So these items are not advisable for strict vegetarians."

So basically, Sawatdee assumes that vegetarians eat fish and that fish is vegetarian. I feel extremely violated and will not be returning until they have marked vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, and a clear description of what those words mean, because it's clear they don't know. Servers there are confused about the ingredients in each dish, at best.

If you do go to Sawatdee, be sure to tell the server, "no fish sauce, no oyster sauce, no shrimp paste, no chicken broth."

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The food is good but not the best in the cities that I have had. I prefer Chiang's in Uptown. Excellent food and excellent service at Chiang's.

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