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Manhattan, New York City

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Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Peacefood Cafe is an all-vegan cafe on the Upper West Side that uses seasonal and locally-grown vegetables whenever possible. The menu includes salads, sandwiches, soups, panini, and two raw items, with prices around $10 an item. They also have a fairly large hot drink, cold drink, juice, tea, and smoothie menu.

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I visited Peacefood Cafe with a group of non-vegan friends and we were all pretty impressed with the food. The special of the day was a watermelon gazpacho, which was cool and refreshing without being overly sweet. I ordered the Roasted Japanese Pumpkin Sandwich for my entree, which had a delicious flavor - the sweet pumpkin and salty vegan goat cheese complimented one another perfectly - but the filling also contained ground walnuts, which made the texture a little strange.

My friends and I agreed that the highlight of our dining experience was the selection of drinks at Peacefood Cafe. We couldn't decide between the Bombay Delight (a combination of coconut, banana, dates, cardamom, nut-milk and agave nectar), the Summer Cooler (watermelon juice, mint, agave nectar and ice) and the vegan Mango Lassi, so we decided to order all 3. The prices for these drinks was quite high ($7-$8 each) but we rationalized ordering them by deciding not to go out to a bar afterwards (truth be told, these drinks were probably a lot more exciting than anything that we would have found at a bar).

Unfortunately, the desserts didn't quite measure up to our hopes. We might have just had bad luck on the night that we visited, but all of the desserts in the case appeared to be raw and the crusts on the raw dessert were a strange combination of nuts and seeds. I ended up ordering the Key Lime Pie, which was decent once I learned to eat around the crust, but it definitely wasn't the best vegan key lime pie that I've tasted.

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Atmosphere: 3.5
Clean, bright, very much a cafe-setting, but in a good, sorta cute way. A nice niche-in-Manhattan sort of feel. The decor was nice, if simple, although the layout could have been better arranged to fit as many people in a more appealing way.

Service: 4.5
The food came out nearly instantaneously, nothing was wrong with it, and our server was friendly.

Food: 3.5
Fairly pricey, although perhaps that's just fairly average for Manhattan. The seitan sandwich was excellent. The roasted squash sandwich was fairly bland. The potato salad was really good -- with texture and a great flavor. The chili and cornbread was okay, although the chili was definitely lacking in the spice department. And for dessert, we had the blueberry shortcake which was quite delicious, although we felt it needed more of the blueberry sauce and slightly less of the super-sweet frosting -- once we did reach the blueberry sauce (hidden in the middle of the biscuit) it was, however, quite delicious.
*Bonus points for being entirely vegan.

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Upper West Side


79th Street #1 Train. On the corner of W. 82nd Street.



$$ - average


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  • Brunch


seitan sandwich

seitan sandwich


10am - 10pm

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