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Oh man, this is the BEST place for authentic bagels. You won't find fruit-filled or mealy midwest bagels at this place. Don't ask for them to toast it either.

This place is almost always packed but the bagels are worth the wait! I've had both the scallion tofu and my personal favorite, tofu sun dried tomato cream cheeze and it is so good! I almost always get an everything bagel. A simple bagel/cheeze sandwich is easily a meal and a steal of a deal at something like $2.00.

I used to work across the street at the VA and came here all the time; every time I go back for a visit I am sure to stop by. It is that good.

(There is also another location on 23rd and 3rd, I believe, but they don't have the sun dried tomato spread.)

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I was super glad to be able to find a place with so many tofu cream cheeses (although I was a bit dismayed to see the tofu-fish spread) so I didn't mind waiting 10 minutes in line for a bagel.

I decided on the pumpernickle bagel with tofu sundried-tomato spread since I've never seen that vegan cream cheese flavor elsewhere. The bagel was good, but I was disappointed that they didn't toast the bagel (maybe they are too busy). Since the bagel wasn't warm, my cream cheese didn't melt at all, which I really like. Also, I thought the cream cheese had a very strong basil or oregano flavor that was a bit too strong.

Although I wasn't super happy with my bagel, I sampled my friend's everything bagel with scallion tofu cream cheese (which was warm for some reason) and really enjoyed it.

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