Beets Cafe

Austin, Texas


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As much as I'm not a fan of raw only food, the dishes here were extremely tasty. The staff friendly, I ended up spending more time than I intended to hanging out there away from SXSW.

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Although the food is good, the customer service leaves something to be desired. My husband made reservations for the special Valentine's dinner. I had been looking forward to it for over a month. On valentine's Day I woke up ill, flu like symptoms, and called to inquire about getting the special meal as a take out order. I was told they were not doing take out for the Valentine's Day meal. My husband called to see if they would make an exception due to my illness and was told no from the manager who had spoken to the owner. I understand them not wanting to handle take out for a special meal but would think that extenuating circumstances would be considered.

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  • Excellent raw food restaurant, be sure to visit. Absolutely some of the best raw food anywhere with large portions and quite inexpensive compared to other raw restaurants. Wonderful living food entrees, smoothies and desserts not to be missed. My wife had a marvelous Raw-Reuben and thankfully let me have a bite. It was absolutely the best raw sandwich I have ever tasted. A perfect blend of favorite flavors that made this Reuben sandwich better than the traditional sandwich because I know how healthy it is. No-cook recipe with sunflower flatbread 1000 island dressing, kraut, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and Swiss cashew cheeze. I enjoyed the amazing Just-a-Good-Burger made with carrot, beets and sprouted sunflower seeds seasoned to perfection with a wonderful side of veggie chips.
  • With a beautiful of display of dessert items we had to have a tasty treat. My wife was blown away by the absolutely delicious raw vegan chocolate cheesecake so rich and creamy. I enjoyed the captivatingly beautiful raw cinnamon rolls, I will never crave a traditional cinnamon roll ever again. The perfect blend of nutty flavor and sweet cinnamon sensation satisfied my sweet crave.

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