Delhi Palace Cuisine of India

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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Food: Excellent! Everything I have every had at Delhi Palace is phenomenal. A large portion of their menu is vegetarian dishes. You can specify how spicy you would like your food (mild, medium, or spicy) and your dish will be prepared to those specifications with the marvelous spices and flavors typical of Indian food.

Price: Great! You get a ton of food for the price. I always end up taking home a doggie bag for lunch the next day.

Atmosphere: Very good. Dehli Palace is in a strip mall by the university, but you forget all about that once you step inside. The walls are decorated with pictures depicting scenes from India, traditional Indian clothing and shoes and all sorts of Indian items abound. Indian music is always playing. Mirrors along the wall make the space appear larger than it is for an open, airy feeling.

Service: Excellent. The staff is always timely and attentive. My dining partner and I have often laughed that it is the restaurant-of-the-never-empty-water-glass. The staff is always at hand and cognizant of the diner's next desire.

Overall: I love dining here and would recommend it to anyone. I would recommend the complete vegetarian dinner for those who are unfamiliar with the tastes of India, as this will give you a sample of several different styles of dishes. And even if you don't think you are that hungry, order bread. The paranthas are an experience in themselves.

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