Back to Eden Bakery Boutique

Portland, Oregon


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I'd live in this bakery if I could! I've never had anything I didn't like and I've had quite a few things that I love. The house made caramel sauce is outstanding, the cookies are just the right crisp/soft texture and divine flavors. Don't miss out on any of the coconut pies! Did I mention the fudge? If you want something savory, there a delicious soups, biscuits and gravy, salads, wraps, quiches, tarts. Excellent coffee (though I miss the pour-over style) from Cellar Door. Everything is gluten-free which is a dream come true for vegans that have a gluten intolerance and find it darn near impossible to get vegan gluten-free goodies elsewhere. Everyone who works there is super nice. Oh! Scones. Get a scone. You won't regret it, and a muffin, too!

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This bakery is really awesome!! I've been to all the vegan bakeries in Portland, and many around the country (e.g. Sticky Fingers, etc) and this is by far the best!

They've got lots and lots of super yummy sweets -- such as cupcakes, cookies, fruit tarts, cakes, cream pie, fudge!, truffles, macaroons, danishes, etc -- plus savory stuff like quiche and calzones. Plus fair trade organic Italian sodas, soft serve (different kinds), ice cream sundaes and lots of vegan specialty items. I love the variety here!

Everything I tried -- including a whole bunch of cakes, pies, fudges, and other sweets -- has been absolutely great: great taste, great texture, etc.

In addition to the sweets, I'd highly recommend the cashew savory tart. It's really delicious and flavorful, and not something that you can easily make at home.

Two notes: 1) I don't care about the fact that so much of their stuff (all?) is gluten free, so that's not affecting my rating at all. 2) Lots of people think they don't have a bathroom, but they do; it's in the back.

I love this place! I just wish it was near my house or my work. I'd love to go there all the time! They should open a second location downtown or on the west side.

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The ladies running the register were super nice and gave me plenty of time to drool over the display case so I could pick my delicious treats. I went with a Boston Cream Pie thingie. Wow. Decadent. Sweet. Creamy. I topped that off with a peanut butter cookie dough milkshake. I never was a milkshake fan until I went here....

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This is a great little vegan bakery/cafe. I came twice and had a variety of delicious things: a chocolate hazelnut cupcake; chocolate mousse pie; green tea whoopie pie; cheesecake.

All of the baked goods were tasty, though not quite perfect. For example, the green tea whoopie pie, while innovative, was a bit too strong. If they had brewed their green tea for slightly less time, or used a subtler variety, I think it would have been better. Similarly, the chocolate mousse pie, which kind of seemed like a french silk pie, had a crust that was just a tad too hard (it needed to be flakier), and the whipped topping was too heavy.

That said, and other vegans in Portland can confirm this, Back to Eden is the best vegan bakery in the city.

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this place is fantastic! i loved everything i've had. first visit, i had a piece of vegan boston creme pie, which was great. the cream in the middle was on the coconutty side, but was still tasty. the fruit tart my boyfriend had was excellent though! the vanilla custard under the strawberries was perfect and the crust was soft and buttery.
the second visit, i had a peanut butter oreo shake which was also very tasty! i plan on going back tomorrow one last time before we leave for home,

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Best vegan bakery in Portland! Amazing baked goods, friendly friendly service. Lots of great stuff available in bulk - white chocolate chips!! I love this place with a fiery passion. It's making me fat(ter) though.

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