Tony's Health Food Supermarket

Brooklyn, New York City
1316 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216


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vegan-friendly supermarket

General Store

Tony's is a small but well-stocked health food store that has all the staples, including canned, boxed, frozen, and fresh foods and prepared items. They have vegan cheese, ice cream, faux meats, tofu, and more. They also have big bags of various types of faux meats (mostly TVP-based). They have some bulk items like nuts, vitamins, loose herbs, and "body building products".

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This place is great!!!! I stumbled upon it when I was working in the area and was surprised at their huge selection of vegan items, most notably their big jars of Veganaise, which are hard to come by in NYC (everyone sells the only the small jars). They have pretty much anything you would want from a health food store and their prices are pretty reasonable. The staff is also really nice.

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main image for Tony's Health Food Supermarket Can and frozen Loma Linda and worthington vegetarian products. ( Lowest Prices ) Most popular weight loss products availble on the market. Wide variety of body buliding products, energy bars and protein powders avaible here. The most friendly staff only at Tony's Health Food Store in Brooklyn. ( Look for the GREEN shirt with the original Tony's logo).

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9:30am - 7pm

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