Fritz International Jamaican Food

Brooklyn, New York City


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I was drawn to this place because its awning said "vegetarian dishes" right on it, which I didn't see anywhere else in the neighborhood. I was really impressed with the separate section for vegetarian items but I can't say I was impressed by the food. All of the sides were decent (I had the rice, pumpkin, chickpeas, and potatoes), but the veggie meat wasn't very good. It had an odd texture to it and didn't taste like much of anything. It was supposed to be seitan but tasted like a dumpling (bread dumpling, not Asian dumpling). I sampled the other faux meat, which tasted more like TVP, which was better, but not great.

The small plate was $7, which wasn't bad, but it just wasn't spectacular. There wasn't much flavor in it so I requested hot sauce, which they gave me, and definitely helped. I was glad they had vegan cake, but again, I wasn't impressed. I tried the red velvet cake but it was too dense and was just sweet, but not flavorful.

The staff didn't seem too knowledgeable about what the faux meats were supposed to be (the veggies were obvious), but they were nice. The woman serving me allowed me to try three items instead of two since I couldn't decide. This place looks sort of hit or miss (I went in one day and they had 7 items but the next day they only had 4), but I'd be willing to try it again, in hopes I was there on an off-day.

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