A & A Bake and Doubles Shop

Brooklyn, New York City
481 Nostrand
Brooklyn, NY


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vegan-friendly Trinidadian food

A $ A is a small Trinidadian restaurant that specializes in bakes and doubles. Bakes are basically sandwiches and doubles are a snack made of two pieces of roti bread that are filled with a spiced chickpea mixture then twirled in a piece of plastic to seal them. They come w/ tamarind and pepper sauces. The doubles are $1.25 each and are vegan. The bakes start at $2.50 and come with about 5 different vegan options (all the veggies are vegan, but obviously, the fish isn't). Filling choices for bakes include: pumpkin, potato, green beans, and okra.

This is a very small restaurant that just has a counter to order from, but they have a small table outside where about two people can fit. All the food is packaged to-go and it's up to you to decide where to eat.

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This has got to be my new favorite restaurant. I don't go out to eat much but I've been here twice in the last week because I've been in the area, the food is amazing, and it's dirt cheap. You can make a meal out of 3 doubles, which adds up to $4.75, or a bake and a double, which is $3.75. The doubles are absolutely delicious and I like them with extra pepper sauce. Beware that they are a greasy MESS, which is why they come in a paper bag, within a plastic bag.

I have also tried the bake (sandwich), which was very good, but isn't enough for me so I get it with at least one double because I'm greedy. I'm annoyed that they charge the same amount for a potato bake as they do for a fried fish bake, but it's only $2.50 so I guess I shouldn't whine too much. I had the pumpkin and potato bake, which was very good. They add 50 cents for every additional topping so my bake was $3. Yum.

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