Peace o' Pie

Boston, Massachusetts


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I just had lunch here. I shared onion rings with a friend and we both had calzones.

The onion rings were great. They had a nice thin batter, and were cooked just right. I liked my calzone, although I had a couple minor gripes. I ordered onions, canadian bacon, and bell peppers, and they put *way* too many peppers in. It was just a bit out of balance. My other minor gripe is that the cup of sauce they provide with the calzone is not warmed. I'd be okay with room temp, but this was actually cool.

However, my number one complaint by far is that the chairs are incredibly uncomfortable! I was uncomfortable from the moment I sat down til the moment I left.

If they could replace the chairs and heat up the sauce for calzones, I'd give this a five star rating. As it is, I'd definitely come back. Maybe I'd bring a cushion for my chair with me.

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Great pizza! I love the variety of pies, there is something for everyone.

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I had a pizza with a friend and it was good. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but that it's an all-vegan pizza place. The atmosphere was clean and bright. They played bad rock music.

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Peace o' Pie is located in the space that TJ Scallywaggles used to occupy, but the food is much more consistent. Every dish that I have ordered there so far has been delicious. All of the pizzas and calzones are made with Daiya vegan cheese, so they have that stretchy, gooey consistency. The white pizza is my favorite flavor so far, although I'm also a fan of the Buffalo and Hawaiian. The calzones are a nice option if you don't want to order an entire pizza for yourself (all of the pizza flavors come in single serving calzone form as well). I haven't tried many of the desserts at Peace o' Pie yet, but the chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing is quite good - the cake is delicious and moist, and the icing contains fresh strawberry seeds! I'm thrilled to see another wonderful vegan eatery pop up in Boston.

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