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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Few options, none tasty, big beer selection, few that vegetarians can have. :/

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i went to gingerhop a few weeks ago with 2 other vegans; we had the yellow curry, the crispy tofu salad, and the mock duck seoul food. of all three dishes, the mock duck was the only palatable one- we were expecting the crispy tofu salad to be, well, crispy. or at least like one of jasmine 26's noodle salads. this was cold, limp, underwhelming at best with nothing more than old, cold tofu, gluey noodles, and scant veggies. the yellow curry was the biggest disappointment. the curry sauce itself was thick, mild, and "chalky"; i've made better curries myself with remnants in my cupboard. the portion was also small in comparison to what you would get at the king and i, or true thai. the groups favorite dish, as well as mine, was the seoul food. my only complaint was that the mock duck was literally tossed from the can to the grill to make it look more like meat, which accentuated how "canned" it was. there were 3 *large* pieces of mock duck deliciously grilled and lightly seasoned, served atop warm rice noodles, and kimchi. we left none to be taken home. in the future, i think having the mock duck shredded post grilling would make it mix into the dish better, and make it easier to eat. one thing about gingerhop that may entice me to go more often, the ambiance, and drinks are incredible. i've never sat in a more beautiful dining room! there are several private nooks and crannies in the layout, making it perfect for a romantic date. the drinks are also excellent and moderately priced.
i hope that gingerhop stays put as its a short walk from my home, but i do hope they bump up the quality of their dishes, i cant eat booze for dinner all the time.

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Love places that clearly mark their vegan/veg food, as ginger hop does.
Had the Yellow curry, and wonton soup. Soup was a little too sour/pungent, would probably not have it again. Yellow curry was flavorful, but mild at the same time. Was told that they had just changed the recepie on the curry in the past few weeks, so it is different than before.
Fun place to go on the weekends to meet up friends in NE Mpls, especially since
vegan is labeled and no need to spell out dietary restrictions to waitstaff over a loud atmposphere.

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I really enjoyed this place. The vegan options are clearly labeled, which is nice, even though there aren't many of them (that's the one downside--and the only reason I'm giving this place 4 stars instead of 5). The atmosphere is great, the wait staff was super friendly, and the food was delicious!

For appetizers, I tried the sweet potato fries and the tofu spring rolls, both of which were awesome. Then I had the only vegan entree option, the Bodhisattva curry with tofu. It had a very nice flavor, but could have been a little spicier for me (I guess I could have asked for extra spice). The tofu was cut into small cubes and fried, and I like it that way a lot so I enjoyed the dish overall. It was just the right amount of food, and not too spendy. I asked for brown rice, and the waiter said they aren't currently offering that, but that they're still figuring out their menu. I suggested that they add that. I also asked if the Pad Lao could be done vegan and he said that right now there is limited flexibility due to the place and chefs being so new, but that perhaps in the future that will be an option.

I'll definitely go here again - while the options are somewhat limited, what they do have is really good, and the atmosphere is upscale without being pretentious.

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Ginger Hop is probably the only place in the portion of Northeast, directly across from downtown, that has labeled vegan food. I stopped by here for lunch one day and had a mixed experience.

First, the location is great in a quaint, cozy section of Northeast. Second, the bar area is gorgeous and makes you feel like you're in the 1920s with original woodwork, high arches, brass and the whole deal. It's truly striking and atmospheric. The draft beer selection is limited, but has a few keepers (Lift Bridge, for example); the bottled beer selection is much better, though prices range in the $5-7, which is a bit pricey for what they're offering.

The main dining room area is nice, too, though modern and not as distinct.

The service was excellent: friendly and prompt.

But I was not terribly impressed with the food. There are a few labeled vegan options on the menu, but none of them were particularly appealing or innovative. Also, there was only one vegan entree option; otherwise there's one vegan soup, a couple of salads, and a couple of appetizers such as sweet potato fries.

I had the only vegan entree, the Bodhisatva curry ($10.95 with tofu). The dish came to me lukewarm in temperature, and I felt the dish lacked robust flavor---no spice and little salt. The fried tofu that came with it were tiny, runt-sized cubes that were deep-fried rather than stir-fried, which made them too chewy and slightly unappealing.

The portion size was also quite small considering the dish cost $11 (they charge $1 extra for tofu, just to make things worse). You could get 2-3 times as much food, and much higher quality food at that, at Evergreen or Jasmine 26 for the same price.

Also, there was no option for brown rice. Please, offer brown rice, Ginger Hop.

To make matters worse, Ginger Hop is one of "those" restaurants that gives you a tiny portion of white rice and then forces you buy more for $1. I hate it when places charge for white rice, especially because it's an inferior product and the restaurant's cost is pennies (at most). It's a really dirty way to do business, I think, and disrespects your customers.

Ginger Hop is a new place so I'm sure they're working stuff out. Add some brown rice, stop charging for white rice, add more vegan options and this place will be worth coming back to.

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