M Henry Chow for Now

Chicago, Illinois


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I was pleasantly surprised at the only vegan dish they had on the menu (a tofu scramble with potatoes among other things). It was definitely the most flavorful, colorful scramble I've ever had. The sausage is also quite tasty.

Even though they were busy (20 minute wait to get in), the service was excellent. I would go more often if they had more vegan breakfast items on the menu.

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Something for everyone here. The black bean bowl & Asian bowl make great vegetarian meals. Try the plantains, too, if they have them...they're luscious! There is a new carryout place attached to M Henry, also...ask about the vegetarian soup choices.

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This place is a must visit for any local Chicago vegan. They know what a vegan is and you can trust that the sausage they give you is vegan. They will bring you soy milk for your coffee. This is the kind of breakfast place where the portions are a perfect size and the potato's have rosemary on them. I loved it.

On a Sunday be prepared to wait for about 20 mins for a seat even though they will tell you the wait will be longer. There is always a huge line but again, it is worth it.

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