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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Update: The food here has really gone downhill. I used to love it, but the last few times I went the food was really terrible. Flavorless, undercooked, and overall gross.

It's shame, since it used to be amazing.

Now that they've moved and consolidated to one restaurant, I think the food has gotten even better. The Captain's Curry is the best curry dish I've ever had, and I also love their Mee Goreng, Singapore Rice Noodles, and their spring rolls.

The owner is usually the one taking orders, and she knows what can be made vegan.

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I just moved to the Nokomis area and am unimpressed with the local veg offerings. I was happy to hear that there was a restaurant in my area that catered to vegans. I visited Singapore for the first time last week and enjoyed a very veg-friendly dining experience.

We waited at least 15 minutes before being greeted by the owner (who appeared to be the only person working). She was extremely friendly and more than happy to let us know that almost everything on the menu could be prepared vegan.

The food was pretty good. I actually enjoyed the standard tofu curry more than the captain's curry. The flavor was excellent and the veggies were cooked thoroughly, but the tofu was soft and mushy. I would have enjoyed the curry more if I could have ordered it with mock duck or deep-fried tofu instead.

I hate to say this, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat at Singapore. I am, however, happy to have a place like this in my otherwise non-veg neighborhood.

Tip: Singapore doesn't sell alcohol, but they will let you bring a bottle of wine from the liquor store. They'll even open it for you!

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It was very cold when I went there. I've eaten here twice, and the first time I liked it, but the second time I had two curry dishes and they were just ok. I think they were too sweet for my taste. The service was friendly.

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Singapore Restaurant is a semi-classy Malaysian joint with friendly service and a nicely vegan-friendly menu. I tried the Captain's Curry after reading rave reviews about it; honestly, it was decent, but nothing spectacular. I probably wouldn't order it again given all the other vegetarian dishes on the menu. It was strangely salty, but the salt was masked by subtle hints of peanut, garlic and sugar. The curry itself was too watery for my likes and the vegetables were not really cooked---all of the vegetables were chopped in huge chunks and just tossed into the wok a couple of minutes before completion, if I had to guess. The vegetable choices weren't exactly inspired either---cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions and a couple pieces of green bell pepper.

There was also a TON of tofu in the mix. Huge, block-sized pieces with didn't add anything to the meal, as the tofu was not cooked either.

There aren't many Malaysian restaurants in the Twin Cities (I think the newly-opened "Bali" is the only other one) so I'm glad that Singapore offers some variety. But the food seemed haphazardly prepared. I'll definitely give it another shot as other dishes on the menu sounded appealing and the service was definitely welcoming and accommodating.

The restaurant is in a random, isolated residential area that was awfully dark at night (no street lights) so I advise caution if you're riding a bike there. There's also a steady stream of traffic on 34th Avenue, and most of the cars seemed to be speeding and not making full stops at stop signs, so be careful.

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The food here is good, super basic chinese food on the menu and then all sorts of curry dishes on the malaysian part of the menu.

It's possible that the restaurant may be closing at the end of September 2006 because of lease issues- it may be best to call ahead!

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I went there for the first time tonight, I loved what I had and my dining companion was very happy with hers too. I think next time I will for sure try the tofu spring rolls. I was having trouble figuring out just what to get though. I think it might be worth it to become a regular.

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