Frisco Burritos

Baltimore, Maryland


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What can I say? This place sells tofu burritos that are heavier than my 5 month-old kitten at a really amazing price (and the beans aren't fried in lard!). 1 burrito is seriously enough food for two meals and will cost you well under $5. Alright, so the ambience is very hole-in-the-wall. But sometimes that's what you want: a small, vaguely-Mexican hole in the wall with excellent burritos.

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I used to eat there quite a bit, never noticed grumpy employees, but then again I greet them with a smile and ask how they're doing before I order. There's a pay parking lot a half a block up the road from them. They're willing to accomodate special requests and you get alot for your money. There's another location in Columbia Maryland at 8865 Stanford Blvd, ph-410-296-4004 which has free parking. My biggest gripe is that they don't recycle.

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This is a great alternative to fast food. For vegans, I recommend the tofu burrito. For lacto-vegetarians, the spinach, pepper, and onion tacos (soft tacos, 3 per order) are amazing, though drippy. The people who work there are kind of grouchy, and the parking situation in Towson is pretty bad on weekdays, but otherwise, I highly recommend Frisco.

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