Alice & Friends' Vegan Kitchen

Chicago, Illinois


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I've been here more than a handful of times. It's alright.

The Royal Pho...broth is yuuuummmy!
Lady fingers are amazing.
Dol Sot Bi bim bob is good, but kind of pricey.
Don Ka Su is decent. The sauce on the protein reminds me a little bit of steak sauce.
Yakisoba is good too.

Eh, so/so:
Homerun ball would be really good if the sauce had more taste too it. It just kind of has a tomato pastey flavor...nothing about it really sticks out.

I haven't had anything bad from there so far. =)

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The food is OK overall, and their fake meat dishes are not that good. I had a few really good things: vegan pho (!), cheesecake, and a salad (I forget the name, something like "the earth is our beautiful friend"?).

It's basically fast-food style, you go up and order at the counter and pay ahead of time. The whole place has a sterile, pre-fab plastic feel. Not that pleasant for me, but your mileage may vary. One interesting thing is that they are always playing The Supreme Master's TV channel. It is worth coming here at least once just for that.

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I was looking forward to this place, having heard good things about it from a couple of friends. But the food was just ok, not particularly tasty or interesting. The service was very friendly, and the decor was simple and clean. We stayed past their closing time on accident, and they didn't mind. I would go back there again and try a few more dishes.

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Loving Hut is an all-purpose, affordable, friendly vegan cafe with some standard, and some unusual, pan-Asian offerings.

(Note: I never got a chance to try this place when it was still Alice and Friends, so I can't compare it to its past incarnation.)

I had a "run away potato" ($8.25) which was spicy and filling. I liked the use of baby potatoes and the hearty flavor of the tomato-stew/sauce. However, the dish seriously skimped on the soy protein (which I think was actually wheat gluten)---there were maybe five or six small shards in the whole dish. Thankfully Loving Hut gives you the option of brown or white rice, which was divine (I always choose brown). The portion size is large, but not big enough for extensive leftovers.

I also had a slice of home-made green tea cheesecake ($2.99) which was excellent: fresh; light; subtly-sweet; and delicate. Just as anything made with green tea should be, as green tea is a delicate product. For the record, all of Loving Hut's desserts are home-made.

I also tried my friend's fried potstickers ($4.99), though I wasn't as impressed with the taste of these. They were a bit too oily and had a weird flavor, in my opinion. However, I like that they too were home-made.

And yes there are tvs playing propaganda videos about climate change, vegetarianism and compassion. If you're into those things, it's probably not propaganda, and it's more than a bit humorous (my favorite part was the parrot with the Australian accent talking about the power of organic onions).

In conclusion, Loving Hut is an affordable, tasty cafe and I look forward to trying more of their menu in the future.

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