Singha Thai Cuisine

Eau Claire, Wisconsin


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This place is amazing! Many of their dishes are served with a specific meat, and so we just skipped those.

They have several menu items that can for sure be prepared vegan. In fact, when we ordered them with tofu, the server asked immediately if we would like it without fish sauce and chicken stock (before we even asked!).

We had the green curry, the exotic curry dish, masaman curry, and tom kha. They were all amazing. We loved this restaurant so much that even though we were just driving through Eau Claire, we made sure to be driving through at a meal time on the way back, as well!

The food is truly delicious, and I would highly recommend it for anyone in the area.

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Had lunch at this restaurant which is now called Singha Thai Cuisine. The person who took our order asked if we wanted them to prepare our dishes without fish sauce and chicken broth. Didn't seem to be a problem to make this accommodation.

We had the green curry which seemed pretty good compared to other offerings in Eau Claire.

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This is the only Thai restaurant in Eau Claire and I was psyched to get a stir-fry on my way to Chicago.

Unfortunately, none of the curries or stir-frys or noodle dishes can be made vegan or vegetarian here (though the menu does use the word "vegetarian"). Every dish, except for the soups, contains fish sauce and cannot be modified.

At least the staff was upfront and open about this. The chef even came out and also confirmed that I wanted to avoid chicken stock; it's good to know that they understand what true vegetarianism/veganism means, even if they don't cater to it well.

I reluctantly stayed and had a veganized tom kha soup with tofu ($6). It came with a side of white rice (no brown rice is available).

The soup was decent but it didn't hit the spot. The coconut milk base was a bit too watery, though the ingredients were fairly authentic: straw mushrooms; cubes of fresh tofu; cilantro; and shards of lemongrass.

It's a shame that the only Thai place in Eau Claire doesn't cater to vegans or vegetarians. That said, the soup was okay, and maybe they'll find a way to modify their preparations in the future.

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