Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar

San Francisco, California


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I went to the Hurricane Bar with some friends, in part because I had heard that the Mai Tais were the best in San Francisco, but mostly out of curiosity about the decor. I had heard that it was pretty Rainforest Cafe-esque, with tiki god statues, a miniature lake and fake monsoons every 30 minutes. The decor was as expected, but one thing that did surprise me was that the menu was very vegan-friendly (unlike the Rainforest Cafe). There was a mixed greens salad, with Asian pear and sesame soy dressing; garlic and macadamia nut flatbread; and a marinated tofu and shimeji mushroom stir-fry dish. I had already eaten dinner at this point, but I tried a piece of my friend's garlic and macadamia nut flatbread and it had a nice lemon-y taste.

I highly recommend this restaurant to vegetarian/vegan parents looking for a fun place to take their kids.

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