Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

San Francisco, California


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Humphry Slocombe has some of the most interesting ice cream and sorbet flavors that I have ever seen: salted licorice, McEvoy olive oil, peanut butter curry, hibiscus beet...

There are usually a few vegan sorbet flavors, which the employees are happy to point out. For $5, I got a trio of sorbets: Valrhona fudgesicle, peach liquor, and another flavor that was some sort of fruit-cola blend that was out of this world! The Valrhona fudgesicle was so creamy, it was hard to believe that it didn't contain any dairy. The flavor reminded me of rich, gooey brownie batter.

One thing to bear in mind is that some of the ice cream flavors contain meat. In particular, Humphry Slocombe makes foie gras ice cream, so if you're someone who boycotts restaurants that serve foie gras, you may not want to eat here.

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