No. 1 Chinese Restaurant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6119 W. North Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213


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Veg-friendly Chinese food on North Side

No. 1 Chinese is one of the only Milwaukee restaurants (excluding smokey, greasy bars) serving mock meat. The interior is sparsely decorated and there isn't much of a dining area (one table plus a counter that seats about 5 people) but the food is served very fast.

There is only one veg lunch special (mixed veggies with rice for $4.50) but there is a fair amount of veggie, tofu, and faux chicken meals ranging from about $7-$10, including most of the items you'd expect to find at a Chinese restaurant (note that they only serve egg rolls and have no vegan spring rolls).

$10 minimum for delivery w/ a $1.50 delivery charge.

Note that this restaurant is in no way affiliated w/ the No. 1 Chinese restaurant in Bay View (which also offers mock meats in a greater variety).

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I initially stopped in because I saw they were called "No. 1 Chinese", which is incredibly unimaginative but is the name of a veg-friendly restaurant in Bay View, which offers mock meats. Apparently, the two restaurants aren't affiliated but this place does offer soy chicken in the "VEGETARIA MEATS" section. :)

I was annoyed that they wouldn't let me sub soy chicken for one of the 30 $4.50-5 meat lunch specials because they expected me to pay nearly twice that just because they don't offer a veg option. They told me to get the mixed veggie lunch special but that sounded boring. I only had $7, which I told them, and asked if I could get a half order of the veg chicken, which was $9. They weren't interested but finally said they'd make me a small order for $7. They didn't seem happy about it and were sort of rude, but whatever. They also don't have brown rice, which just plain stinks.

I got the vegetarian General Tso's chicken, which came w/ a few pieces of broccoli. The soy chicken was a little overcooked and chewy but it wasn't bad. Being spoiled by good NYC vegan food, this place rates pretty low, but given the very limited vegan and fake meat options on Milwaukee's north side, I really appreciate this place having faux chicken and would go back to support them.

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