The Red Lentil

Boston, Massachusetts


rating star

Try the cauliflower appetizer, It is quite good, some dishes are better than others, I have found the salads to be wonderful, all of them. The mushroom app is also very tasty, along with most of the entrees. I would avoid the beet and sweet potato latkes, kinda mushy and not so good. Also unless you really have a Mexican food craving that you just can't satisfy, steer clear of all the Mexican options. The sweet potato quesadilla sounds good but just fails to live up to expectations. The nachos are best left unmentioned. Aside from those few items, everything has been great.

rating star

Red Lentil offers delicious, upscale vegetarian cuisine for a very reasonable price. Try the near east seitan--it's amazing! End the meal with their delicious vegan berry cheesecake.

They deliver for lunch and very excitingly they are planning to deliver dinner soon. They also have applied for their liquor license for 2010.

They have been very busy and still working out some service quirks. Very understandable for a new restaurant.

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