I Dream of Falafel

Chicago, Illinois


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Like Chipotle, or fellow Chicago restaurant Chutney Joe's, I Dream of Falafel is a quick-serve, build-your-own lunch spot with falafel and hummus and whatnot.

I like that they label all their vegan options, which are standard Middle Eastern things made of chickpeas or eggplant. You can't find labeled vegan food in the Loop very easily.

I had a falafel sandwich ($5.99) (made with whole wheat pita!) and added some tomato and onions and tahini. They also had the option for a spicy tomato sauce or a garlic tomato sauce.

The sandwich was decent on a whole, but not great. The falafel itself was not terribly flavorful and I'm not a fan of mixing and matching loads of condiments and sauces to enhance a dish. The best falafel I've ever had can always stand on its own, without the need for extras, but I Dream of Falafel's doesn't.

That said, this place is not bad by any means and I'm always in favor of more vegan-friendly joints in the Loop. For that, I give this place three stars and would probably return if I ever worked downtown.

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