Noodles & Company

Rockville, Maryland


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This is a chain restaurant, consistently friendly and good, including this location. Order at the counter and they deliver to the table. You order by menu item and protein of choice, including tofu.

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I used to go to Noodles and Company all the time in college but haven't been back in probably 4 years. I generally opt for small, independent restaurants but I found myself roaming around the Rockville Town Square with a friend and Noodles seemed like a safe bet. Rockville has some good veg restaurants, like Vegetable Garden and Yuan Fu, but we were on foot so these restaurants weren't possible.

The service at this particular restaurant was very friendly and the staff actually seemed to be happy to help us. I ordered the Indonesian peanut saute with tofu. My meal was wall seasoned, slightly spicy, and served nice and hot. I think it cost about $8 and the portion was a good size. I would definitely go back here.

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