Harvest Urban Market

San Francisco, California


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Harvest mark up. This place on Market is shoddily run. High employee turnover.
Incredibly overpriced. This place epitomizes everything that is wrong with the yuppie overpriced culture of society. Really so little to recommend about this place. Even the employees just roll their eyes when asked why the store is falling apart.

"I'm as stubborn as a garbage bag that time cannot decay."
-Leonard Cohen

What's good for the city? Harvest Urban Market. Some of the items may be pricey(if thats what you shop for) but there are a lot of really great things you can get there you can't find anywhere else.

A word to the the city.......if you bring your own bag you get a discount. If taxi drivers, bike messengers or anyone who keeps this city together and is under appreciated come in late they get 2 for 1 on sandwichs, pastries and bread.

The store is open till 11pm which is great for all of us who want to get (organic, vegan, fresh) food late and we dont have to go across town to get it.

Not to knock other stores (lord knows I shop other places as well) but this store is owned by a San Franciscan so our money goes right back into the city we love, unlike other stores that are owned by the Dutch.

Everyone should at least check it out.

Oh ya, and from time to time the "less fortunate" get kicked down a lil something to help them get through the day.

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Just what San Francisco's South of Market area (SOMA) DIDN'T need...a "tasteful (?)," upscale shop catering to the gastronomic whims of the yuppie poseurs bent upon gentrifying the neighborhood. Most of the people who live in SOMA cannot afford the astronomical prices Harvest demands for its merchandise. This is based on an actual price comparison - some items were priced at two or three times what they fetch at regular supermarkets. A discount market would have been a far greater asset to the area. The stark architecture of this shop and the painfully bright lighting (no doubt installed to discourage lingering and/or shoplifting by the "undesireables" who've populated the area for decades and are rapidly finding themselves displaced by Johnny stockbroker and Janey business consultant) is completely at odds with the rest of the neighborhood, the atrocious "live/work" and loft developments not withstanding. Eat the rich!

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