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Aug 6 09 - 9,000 Entries! now has 9,000 entries! Thanks to the whole veg*n community for making this happen.

Mar 22 09 - User Profiles!

I've added a small user profile feature to let users have a little more personality on the site.

You can now have a bio, website, "how veg am I", and picture in your profile. If you upload a picture, it will also appear next to all of your reviews.

I made a profile for myself as an example, but hopefully there will be many more soon.

All of these new fields are editable from your account. Simply click on "My account" up top, then on the big "Edit" button that shows up under your name. There's a separate link to upload a photo on the "My account" page as well.

Feb 18 09 - 8,000

Yep, 8,000 entries. The database is increasing at an ever-increasing rate, which is very exciting. Of course, eventually we expect that it will level off, since there's a finite number of veg-friendly places in the world, but there's probably a few thousand more out there, at least.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed.

Feb 15 09 - Imported

Once again, thanks to Mercy for Animals for helping provide this data. This brings us very close to 8,000 entries

Also, you might notice a lot of "new" entries for New Jersey. There was a problem with the VegNJ import, so we had to re-import a lot of it from scratch. The system thinks these entries are new (because the old ones were deleted), but they're not.

Dec 10 08 - 7,000 Entries

This is pretty amazing, since we just hit 6,000 entries this past August. Entry 7,000 was El Sol in Mexico City.

Thanks to everyone who's been contributing. A large part of the reason we got to 7,000 so quickly is because of users like conde.kedar and treefrog, who've addded a huge number of entries in the past few months.

Oct 6 08 - Survey is closed

There've been 304 responses to the survey, which seems like a reasonable time to close it. I'll be doing some analysis and I'll post a writeup sometime in the next few weeks.


Aug 14 08 - 6,000 Entries!

The 6,000th entry was KFL Supermarket. Thanks to chloworm for adding this one, and many other entries in Australia.

Jul 27 08 - Imported

We've imported yet another MFA regional veg site, This added several hundred new entries throughout New Jersey.

Jul 26 08 - New Logo

As you might have noticed, we have a brand new logo for the site. As part of integrating it, I've also tweaked the front page a fair bit, and adjusted various colors around the site so they match the colors in the logo.

Many people have commented how much they disliked the old logo (which was always just a placeholder). Thanks to Derek Coons of MFA for working with the designer.

May 16 08 - Imported

This is the last Mercy For Animals' veg site to import, and doing so adds another couple hundred entries. Thanks, MFA!

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