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Name Summary Rating How Veg?
24 Rupee
Shoken 14-16
Tel Aviv
Indian Vegetarian Restaurant rating star
0 ratings
Aba Gil
55 Yehuda Halevi St.
Tel Aviv, Israel
A completely vegan, organic, low fat, gluten-free, soy free restaurant in downtown Tel Aviv rating star
1 rating
Bar Kayma
22 HaMashbir st.
Tel Aviv 6610822
A cooperative vegan restaurant/bar and community center
Restaurant, Bar, Other
rating star
0 ratings
Buddha Burgers
Yahuda HaLevi 21
Tel Aviv, IL
Vegan restaurant with a variety of options rating star
0 ratings
Nelly's Kitchen
yehuda marguza 28
Tel Aviv, Israel
Nelly's kitchen is a healthy food and vegan friendly restaurant located in Jaffa's flea market in Tel Aviv.
Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice
rating star
0 ratings
The Rogatka
32 Yitzhak Sade
Tel Aviv
Vegan anarchist bar
Restaurant, Bar
rating star
1 rating
Taste of Life
43 Ben Yehuda Street
Tel Aviv, Israel
"One of the top 10 vegetarian restaurants in the Asia-Pacific region." – Cook Magazine
Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Caterer
rating star
3 ratings

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