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Harry Caray's Seventh Inning Stretch Sit-down Restaurant and Bar at Midway Airport rating star
2 ratings

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Ocean State Diana
May 8

Visited Oak Street Beach was good and not too badly overpriced for an airport. However, the service was poor, the employees rude, and my food took 20 minutes to come out. We are talking sliders here, people. People who ordered after me were walking away with their food and I was still waiting and almost missed my flight. There were 4 or 5 baskets of food sitting on top of the window and the girl behind the counter and the manager never once checked to see if any of the orders were mine, even though I asked repeatedly and was told that none of them were mine. How did they know? Psychic? I asked for a refund instead of the food and was told no. Just a really bad experience. 4 stars for the food 1 star (and I am being generous here) for the service

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