Larsen's Bakery

Racine-Kenosha, Wisconsin


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I ordered the Bavarian Cream Donuts through Vegan Essentials. I wasn't sure what to expect as it's been a really long time since I've tried donuts. These donuts blew me away. They are light, fluffy, creamy and smooth. They weren't greasy at all. With the addition of the chocolate frosting, they are a delicious breakfast treat and all-around great snack.

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We ordered the donuts they sell through Vegan Essentials, and they were so delicious. It was so nice to have raised donuts for a change, and they aren't too oily. Heat them in the microwave a minute and then ice them, it is sinfully good. Our kids loved them too. I highly recommend Larsen's treats!

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I am SUPER thrilled that Larsen's has kringles that I can eat, as I grew up loving their kringles (before I went vegan.) They taste exactly as I remember. The vegan kringles come in cherry, pecan, almond, raspberry, and apple. I ordered an apple and a cherry kringle, and I had to stop myself from eating a whole one by myself! They are $5 each and are smaller than regular kringles. I was going into town so I emailed the business and was told that they would have some fresh kringles made for me when I got into town. Their staff is super friendly and helpful. I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy these more often!!

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I LOVE Larsen's kringle and am really glad it's available in Milwaukee and not just in Racine. It's supposed to be at the Riverwest Co-op but I don't recall seeing it there. However, it is always available at Outpost. I picked up a few kringle from the Bay View Outpost location this weekend and they were amazing. I had the cherry and the raspberry. Both were delicious but I tend to go for non-cherry desserts so I preferred the raspberry.

All of the varieties I saw (pecan, raspberry, apricot, apple, pecan) were vegan, but they also offer a cheese kringle, which I would assume is not vegan but am not completely sure. I liked that the packaging specifically stated that it contained no animal ingredients or byproducts, something you don't see much on baked goods in Southeastern Wisconsin, especially Racine.

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