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This is some of the best vegan food I've ever had! (This is including gourmet vegan food in NYC and SF.) We called ahead to let them know we wanted the 3-course vegetarian meal made vegan. It was absolutely incredible. It's been a while so I can't remember everything, but we had a summer salad with edamame, heirloom tomato soup, and the most amazing cauliflower steak topped with hen-of-the-forest mushrooms and pesto that I can still taste! They also made us a chocolate ganache for dessert instead of just your regular sorbet. I highly, highly recommend Heartland.

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Heartland is the premiere vegan-friendly fine dining experience in St. Paul. Chef Lenny Russo was nominated for the James Beard award in 2011 and focuses on local ingredients.

In celebration of my birthday, we called in advance and let them know we were vegan when we made our reservation (recommended, but not required.) When we arrived, they immediately walked us through the vegan menu options and offered a 3 course vegan tasting menu. One of my favorite things about Heartland's vegan dining experience is unlike other places it isn't by "removing" animal products they become vegan; rather, they offer unique substitutions. For instance, tonight's first course is listed on their menu as a fingerling potato, pea, frisee salad with a pesto sauce (with cheese), but instead of just removing the pesto they substituted in a vegan romesco sauce. There are multiple vegan options for each course (with the exception of dessert) which again can be rare in fine dining restaurants for those of us who don't want to consume animal products. The waiter was also willing to work with the kitchen, so if nothing on the menu works exactly for you they seem willing to try to find something that will.

I immensely enjoyed tonight's vegan 3-course tasting menu which featured the salad above; potato gnocchi with spring vegetables (ramps, asparagus, fennel, spinach, beet shoots, etc) and a rasberry sorbet with burnt caramel and thyme glass. Another nice touch is the offering of an amuse bouche and breads with the meal (also all vegan). The amuse bouche was a pickled mushroom, chard and curried mustard mix on a crouton. The tasting menu is $35. You can also order off the menu which changes nightly. Heartland has an extensive wine and cocktail listing.

This is a vegan's dream come true for fine dining where you don't have to take the dregs offered, but get to enjoy the experience of having choices (likely all of which are going to be great.) The reviews are right that there wasn't really a protein substitute dish, so eat it at your other meals that day :)

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Went there recently for a special celebration. I called 2 days ahead for a reservation, and told them I was vegan and they said that was no problem they would be happy to accomodate. Upon arriving for our meal it was clear my vegan meal request was never passed on. The waiter was great about it and went and talked to the chef. My meal was fabulous and vegan. I do wish it would have had some protein in it, but realize the situation we were in. Considering how well they did on the fly, I can only imagine how awesome it would have been with a litlte preparation. I would definetly go back, but will probaly be more insistent on making sure the message got to the chef beforehand. The food is very fancy and well prepared, but it is not a bargain meal. The ambience of the restaurant was wondeful. Very quiet and romantic. We are in our early 30's and were by far the youngest people there, but did not feel out of place.

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When you first look at their menu it doesn't necessarily look vegan friendly. However, I called and they said they always accommodate vegans and were happy to do so. The owner said that if we had called 1 day ahead, he could have had his pastry chef make something special for me. As it was, they were able to make some great sorbet, which was fine with me! I'd definitely go back here. It's more of a gourmet restaurant so the portions aren't huge, but it was definitely filling and tasty!

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I've been here numerous times over the last 5 years. They always make an amazing vegan tasting menu as long as I call and let them know I'm coming and need vegan options.

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My girl friend took me here for my birthday, and the food was great. She called ahead of time and let them know that we are vegans. From this information they created a vegan version of their tasting menu for us. This place is definitely worth visiting for a special time or just because you feel like it.

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