Hien Deli

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jan 8

2624 Nicollet Avenue S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408


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Vietnamese cafe on Nicollet

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

This Vietnamese cafe offers a veg. banh mi sandwich and some rice dishes.

Added by conde.kedar on Dec 19 08 (last updated Jan 8)

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Hien Deli is smart enough to copy the business model/atmosphere of Jasmine Deli, as it tries to cater to non-Vietnamese and vegetarians. It has clearly labeled vegetarian options and veg. banh mi. Many of the other small Vietnamese cafes on Nicollet don't make any effort to be veg-friendly or to attract frightened, uninitiated Minnesotans.

However, the food at Hien Deli falls short. Their banh mi was more coarse and bland than Jasmine's; Hien's bread was dry and not crispy and warm, they don't have a more flavorful "curry mock duck" option like Jasmine, and the rice dish I had was passable, at best. It lacked the delicacy and freshness you find at Jasmine.

While I appreciate that Hien makes an effort to attract vegetarians, its food quality is not up to par with its inspiration, and the still reigning-king of Nicollet, Jasmine Deli.

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Eat Street (Nicollet)


No Reservations

Wheelchair Accessible


$ - inexpensive


  • MasterCard Visa


  • Vietnamese



10am - 7pm
10am - 7pm

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