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Gourmet vegan dog, cat, and ferret food


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My kitten was a rescue and very small. He was burdened with many health issues along with being the runt of his litter. He had leaky eyes, weak immune system, and bleeding bowel. He was anemic and had diarrhea that came out bleeding.

I had ordered another vegan cat food being very cautious to make sure that my kitten was going to get all the nutrients he would need. Already having been so careful in my own food program I was extremely cautious in putting him on a vegan diet making SURE to do all my homework and ensure his nutritional needs would be met. This food failed in proving to do just this.

I found and ordered Evolutions Cat Dry Food. Reconstituting it and giving it to him was the best thing I have ever done! His coat has come in shiny, he has rocket fuel for energy, and sleeps very well.

As far as the health issues go the Founder of Evolution Pet Food Eric taught me what was needed for the nutritional healing benefits for my kitten; upon research had I taken my kitten to a vet for his problem he most likely wouldn't have survived. Eric saved my kittens life!

I know a lot of natural healers and those who teach alternative healing tend to get bad reps and a lot of criticism. Some of which earn their bad rep; in this case however Eric earned his gold stars! I made a donation to thank him and will do another at Christmas as he never charged me for the time he talked to me on the phone! Thank you again Eric!

Evolution Cat Food is amazing. Although vegan cats tend to be slender than the average overweight cat, so can be said for most people who eat a plant based food program. My kitten is not bleeding, not anemic, tons of energy still, beautiful pink ears and gums, shiny coat and living the life! Thank you Evolution!

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Being in the animal rescue for 30 years,in Belgium,France,US and Canada,I went to so many vet clinics,spend a fortune(I even payed once 1200$ for 2 visits,driving 8h each time...to hear a Friday afternoon"email the doctor,she will answer to your questions on Tuesday when she will be back"for my dog who was dying from a tumor on his heart!) I saw so much non sense in every levels!Unfortunately it is always the animals who pay the price!I had the unbelievable chance to find Eric from Evolution Diet! He is brilliant,I can not stop talking about how amazing he is! I called him so many times,for my dogs,dogs that I was fostering, dogs from friends....He ALWAYS called me back,giving me the perfect way to treat them... and for FREE!I know very well my dogs and just the body language I know when something is wrong,I don't know what,but I call Eric and there is the answers!
He knows so well all the supplements and herbs and everything,it is fascinating how he is right every times!No side effects,no stress for the dog! If the dog needs to go to the vet for an exams he will tell me too...I don't know how I did before knowing him,well I know,that make me sad,because I lost so many dogs that I am sure Eric would help me to take care of differently and they would have a better quality life! But lets stay positive,I know him know and I am soo happy!I will recommend him to every body with absolutely no hesitation!Also,the quality of his food...THE BEST! What to expect else from someone who dedicates all his life saving animals and helping people to save them,and the right way! My dogs,2 of them have food allergies,LOVE Evolution Diet Food and are allergy free now. I tried everything you can imagine from the raw food,kibbles,dehydrated to the home made cook food with or without meat...name it ,I tried it!Evolution Diet is the answer!Good for the animals,the environment and people! That is a plus..it is perfection..isn't that the way it is supposed to be...low impact too!!! I even taste myself his food..delicious! Also I trust the quality of the ingredients he chooses!Thank you Eric for always being there,for who you are and what you do for the animals especially mine,they are all my life! Sorry for my mistakes in english,i speak french!

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