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I like this place, it's nice. I think it's awesome that you have to share with people in order to eat the whole thing- it lowers the cost, especially if the friend you're with has no $$. I also like that you can choose how hot you'd like the burrito. Where I live, it's either hot or...REALLY hot. I also like the fact that you can watch them make it so you know exactly what's going in it!

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"Veggie fajita. Hot. Just guac & lettuce." Those six words garner me an adequate burrito that I can eat all day long. Chipotle is the only fast food franchise I can tolerate and I tend to get a burrito from them for lunch nearly once a week.

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The food is good and the prices are decent, but the portions are too much for one person. Definitely beneficial to split with a friend.

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