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Sick of Taco Bell? Check out this cleaner, slightly more expensive alternative if you're fiending for a nice burrito or tacos...

Chipotle restaurants have been sprouting up across the Twin Cities everywhere you turn. Run like a Subway, you get to choose which toppings go on your burrito and which stay off. A delicious vegetarian burrito/fajita is offered that can include roasted green peppers, black beans, rice, a choice of various salsas, guacomole, and shredded lettuce (for non-vegans there is also sour cream and shredded cheese). One of these monsters is enough to fill anyone's appetite and they come down to a mere $5. Beer and fountain drinks are available, along with nachos and other appetizer type dishes.

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I like this place, it's nice. I think it's awesome that you have to share with people in order to eat the whole thing- it lowers the cost, especially if the friend you're with has no $$. I also like that you can choose how hot you'd like the burrito. Where I live, it's either hot or...REALLY hot. I also like the fact that you can watch them make it so you know exactly what's going in it!

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"Veggie fajita. Hot. Just guac & lettuce." Those six words garner me an adequate burrito that I can eat all day long. Chipotle is the only fast food franchise I can tolerate and I tend to get a burrito from them for lunch nearly once a week.

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