Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona

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A food-buying co-op offering produce and more


Bountiful Baskets is not a business. No one makes any money from it. Instead we pass foods along at the same price as other wholesalers get them!

We do a produce basket every other week. We also have bread every other week. We offer other things occasionally. We aim for fairly unprocessed vegetarian foods on the whole! We do offer Frontier Natural Foods!

See their website for pickup locations.

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I have been doing BB for 7 months and have been volunteering for 7 months. I really enjoy it, but we can always use more volunteers for quality control. When the men load the food into the baskets, they often don't look for bruised, squishy or moldy items. We always tell them to not put it in the basket if they wouldn't take it home. We have a chicken box for spoiled food, or someone gives it to the compost pile. The good food generally out weighs the bad, and even though we are careful, some of the fruit is less than perfect. Last week, my special order strawberries went bad within 1 day, but that was the first thing that went bad. The organization tries to get lots of good items, but sometimes they are too expensive, and they are careful with out contributions. The produce is better than that of the store, and I always seem to save at least $25. A comparison at Safeway and Fry's (with the same items) would cost $40.

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My family has been growing grapes commercially for over 25 years. Initially, I was excited about bountiful baskets because I saw this as an opportunity for a grower (like me) to get great fresh produce strait to the people. I took the time to contact the owners who referred me to Blain at Kodiak Produce. We had a meeting and we agreed that it is a shame that one of the best eating varieties of grapes in a few years would be extinct to newer varieties that are self thinning and cost less to produce. I hoped, I would educate people about what I know and have this variety live on. I thougt that by cutting out the grocery stores markup the savings would be more than enough to make it a great deal for the consumer. Grapes are like any commodity there is a spot market driven by demand and supply. I earmarked some volume for Kodiak and when the time came to pick and pack, Blain refused to pay the bottom market price. I then lowered that price by $2 a box which he still refused. He said he was purchasing fruit $7 lower per box than the current market. I was happy to sell my fruit to Target/WalMart at the market price but couldn't understand why Kodiak purchased such poor quality fruit for their customers. This seemed to fly directly into the face of the purpose and mission of Bountiful Baskets. It wasn't until I realized that when the customers of Bountiful Baskets pick-up their fruit they have nothing to compare it to. There isn't a display with comperable fruit. So crappy fruit looks good.
I love the concept but after a couple of months of getting my vegitables here It wasn't hard to see the quality difference in everything they sold. So we quit

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