Maoz Vegetarian - Calle de Jaume I 7

Barcelona, Spain

Closed as of Jan 1 14

Calle de Jaume I 7
Barcelona 08002
34 653847653


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Vegetarian Falafel Shop

Maoz is an international chain of vegetarian (mostly vegan) falafel shops which began in Amsterdam.

Included with the purchase is the "salad bar" of fixings to add to the falafel, including tahini, spicy sauces, couscous, pickles, olives, coleslaw, peppers, and more.

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For a few euros you will get your clammy and disgusting mitts on a hot white pitta bread, along with five or six hot falafels that you can then squeeze full of different salads that you help yourself from the salad bar. Salads include tahini, hummus, mixed leaves, tomatoes, chopped cabbage and chilli sauce. It doesn’t sound so appetising admittedly. But it’s a fast food and once drenched in tahini and chilli, it all combines into a big squashy, crunchy, drippy amalgamation. Expect to get messy.

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  • Middle Eastern/Persian
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