Bombay Spice Grill

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I have known people to have mixed experiences here, but my most recent visits have been very vegan friendly and tasty. This is an Indian fusion restaurant, more hip than authentic.

It seems they have changed their concept to be more like an Indian Chipotle - pick a base like quinoa or rice, then a topping like veggies or tofu, then a sauce. I have tried this menu at the new Tempe location, but not in Paradise Valley.

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I didn't know this was "fake-Indian" food or as some of the reviews say "Americanized". I suppose when I saw only Caucasian customers and staff--- a flag should have went up for me?
The food didn't taste bad-- I was just craving Indian food. And the price for one meal and one drink cost $18 (too much!!). Plus my side of rice was the majority of the meal (--i.e 2 cups of cooked rice with two 1/8 cup bland entrees.)
I won't waste my time and $$ again.

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Reading the other review here and from other places on line, I was a little worried. Happily, I was pleasantly surprised, we all liked our food and the service was very good too. It is not a traditional Indian restaurant, but the dishes were all tasty and very filling, and definitely less fatty.

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I hope you have an appetite for rice if you are planning on going to the Bombay Spice Grill. This will be the only thing in abundance on your plate, including flavor. Offering myriad classic Indian dishes and various combinations thereof, the Bombay Spice Grill falters where it should be strongest: taste. The food is watered down to meet the same bland, Americanized standards as Panda Express, and the accompanying sauces do little to help. There are five sauces on the menu, but unlike most every traditional Indian restaurant, you may only try one with your meal (unless you would like to pay more, of course), and the portion is scant. At $8.95 a plate, the cost of an entire buffet at most Indian restaurants, you get enough rice to feed a family, your choice of two small entrees, and a small dish of sauce. The entrees are purposefully mild to appeal to all audiences, and the saving grace should be the sauce. However, even the spiciest sauce selection was tame at best. As far as vegetarian and vegan offerings, there are plenty, but the range of choices is meaningless as there is no range of flavor. There are plenty of Indian restaurants in Phoenix. If you want to experience good Indian food or be immersed in Indian culture while dining, go to one of them. If you want to watch sports and drink cheap wine in a "trendy" atmosphere while sitting next to a family of four, go to Bombay Spice.

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